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Horse Transport

Do you need transportation, customized to your and your horses needs? Then our Horse Transport arrangement is what you’re looking for. Our private driver brings your horse or pony with the most care to wherever you would like.

We use our two-horse truck with all available services to make it as pleasant as possible for our VIP.


What can we offer?

  • First class care for your horse or pony
  • A two-horse truck with private driver
  • Stallion gear
  • Camera surveillance
  • Prizes are to be requested

Extra Services

DG Global Horse Services will help you anytime with transportation, for every location and opportunity. Do you have little time, or an emergency? Contact us, and DG Global Horse Services will arrange everything for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.

All prizes are to be requested.

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Does your horse or pony need a veterinary visit? Our vetchek is your ideal solution!

  • DG Global Horse Services arranges your vetcheck for 100%..
  • We stay with your horse or pony during the check itself.


A visit to the clinic is no problem with our excellent service.

  • With the most care, your horse will be brought to and picked up at the clinic
  • We will wait at the clinic during the visit.
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Airport service

Are you planning to travel by airplane with your horse or pony? Don’t worry about the transportation to and from the airport, as DG Global Horse Services will arrange this for you.

  • We transport your horse to every location in Europe.
  • Bring and pick up at an airport of your choice.

Contact us

Do you want to ask for a service or do you just need some extra informtation? Don’t hesitate and contact us via our contact page.¬†

Prizes are to be requested